Highway Space in Use

June 7, 2009

Washington Street Skatepark

Built in 1999 by a group of skaters, the Washington Street Skatepark is the first of its kind in San Diego. The skatepark is most interesting in that it was built on the residual space left along the edges of a highway underpass.




Images and information via: Washington Street Skatepark Association

Motorway Bridge and Control Center

Built by ODBC architects, the motorway bridge is located on the outskirts of Paris near La Defense, which is the business and financial district of the city. Completed in 1996, the project acknowledges the residual space underneath the highway bridge as useful, though not necessarily as part of the public realm. The architects built a control center for the highway patrol attached to the bottom of the bridge, which creates  a more interesting and continuous condition as supposed to that of an isolated building.
The control center houses garages, service and storage areas, offices and conference rooms, a small police station and radio control rooms.




Images and information via: ODBC architects

The East End Streetscape

Right here in Houston the East End District Management has also been taking their efforts to the streets. While the project is more about beautification than about creating public space, it does begin to suggest the importance of the street as part of our daily life. The project includes designs and bold patterns that integrate Texas history to  columns, sidewalks, walls and underpass structures.

600xPopupGallery-3Franklin Street Underpass

600xPopupGalleryWayside underpass below I-45

600xPopupGallery-4The Harrisburg Boulevard underpass between Dowling and Velasco

Greater East End Management District: Houston East End Streetscape
Images via: chron.com by R. Clayton McKee


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