Metro’s New Light Rail lines

June 9, 2009

After a bit of research, I found out some exciting news about the Northwest Transit Center which is located on the north side of the 610 loop and I-10 intersection that happens to be our site.

Yesterday we talked about the importance of the transit center because of its location and the fact that it is a major point of exchange of people from all around the city. Well it just got even more important. It turns out that this center is the last stop on the new Uptown Metro line. This of course means that people from Memorial park, the Galleria, Westheimer, Richmond and more will be able to walk a couple of blocks and ride to our site with relative ease. The amount of people that will be able to visit our proposal increases dramatically with this vital connection.

The uptown rail is part of the new building program that Metro just started and is set for completion in 2012. If we look a little more ahead, Metro will eventually build the University line which will connect all of the light rail lines creating a network that will allow mobility to and from most of Houston’s major urban centers.


IMAGE: Houston Metro’s light rail lines 2012


2 Responses to “Metro’s New Light Rail lines”

  1. mariaoran said

    This is awesome!! I wonder what street the rail will take to get to Northwest TC?

  2. […] As well as several shorter routes taking passengers through Memorial and the Galleria. Also, as noted before, Metro’s 2012 plan proposes a light rail line stop at the Northwest TC, connecting the site […]

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