Filling the Vertical Void

June 24, 2009

Parking Garage_Stuttgart1

This parking garage in Stuttgart, Germany is across the street from the recently completed Mercedes-Benz museum. The three story parking garage is a perfect example of the integration of highway residual space and meeting the needs of the surrounding city.

Parking Garage_Stuttgart3

The garage is nestled underneath the concrete canopy of the highway both in its footprint and in the way the garage occupies the full volume of the space underneath.

Parking Garage_Stuttgart2

Furthermore, particular attention is paid to the relationship that the garage has with the visitors that walk from the metro station to the museum.  The garage is appropriately scaled to the human person and has a clear distinct entrance for people as opposed to only cars, as is many times the case.

Parking Garage_Stuttgart5

The garage runs the length of the highway, until it elegantly stops to allow for the crossing of people from one side of the highway to the other. The manner in which the opening is presented gives preference to pedestrians and makes the walking desirability of the space a high priority.

Parking Garage_Stuttgart5

This garage and the surrounding pedestrian walkways are a great example of the possibilities of combining the majesty of the highway with the comparatively delicate scale of the human person.


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