June 28, 2009


Square footage comparison: Interchange vs. shopping strip

Having visited the interchange a few times already, we’ve made a number of observations. One of the most important (and recurring) one is the shear size of the space.

I have driven I-10 West numerous times to visit my family in Katy. The vision of the three or four levels of roadway ahead of me as I reach the 610 loop is always exciting and sometimes even distracts me from my way (I’ve found myself exiting Antoine Dr. by mistake more than once). But driving the area has no comparison to walking on it.

In the course of our analysis and programming our space we’ve identified close to 20,000 square feet of usable space. Granted, it is not possible to build in all of the available space (nor wold we want to), but it still remains usable and walkable space. Plus, most of the volume underneath the highway is big enough for spaces over three stories high. As the above image illustrates, the usable space underneath the highway is equal to the total area of 3.2 shopping strips, including the parking lot.

Considering the size of the space, along with land use information, connectivity and needs of the population surrounding the interchange, we’ve made a matrix of the types of programmatic elements we recommend this new urban space should include:


[Earlier: Transportation, Site Visit]


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