From Seattle to Shanghai

August 1, 2009

For the past few weeks we’ve been doing a lot of design and a little less researching as before. But, we’ve gotten some useful tips on successful public spaces happening under the highways. So from Seattle to Shanghai, here they are: Read the rest of this entry »


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Saved Space!

June 7, 2009

Venice Architecture Biennale 08: MAP office
The project is called ‘underneath: life within the continuous monument of china,’ it is a multimedia installation created by MAP office for the 2008 Venice Biennale Architecture Expo. With the installation the office explores the new relationships created by the highway’s presence in the current urban landscape. The research was done in the Pearl River Delta region in china and specifically explores the area underneath a superhighway in Guanzhou.
The monumentality of the highway is contrasted with the understated uses the inhabitants have created for themselves underneath the motorway. The programs include billiards and entertainment, restaurants, parking lots, small shops and even a new model of infill construction under the highway.


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